5 Things to know about replacing your outdoor cushions


One of the best ways to revitalise your outside space is updating your outdoor cushions, with this simple improvement in style and fabric bringing much needed colour and life to any home garden.


Cushions are a staple item that deliver the goods in terms of both style and comfort. Replacing these much-loved outdoor living accessories is an easy yet versatile style update that will tie your space together, adding a luxurious feel in the process. 


You’ll be amazed at the difference this subtle change will make – the following guide has all the key tips for you to get started on finding your perfect new outdoor cushions in Perth.

Choose durable fabric 

Selecting quality fabrics for your outdoor cushions is essential, as only certain materials have the ability to withstand the elements when left outdoors. Choosing durable fabric suited to longevity means investing in quality products that will last you for years to come. 


Consider the fabrics level of UV protection, to fight fading, as well as its water resistance, and how durable its filling is, to prevent mildew or mould forming in damper months. 

Colour is key

While you want your outdoor cushions to feel comfortable, their look and feel is also important as they act as eye-catching accessories that can compliment your space when the right colour is selected. Consider the existing color scheme of the furniture and surroundings in your patio or garden, and select a complimentary tone that adds value without clashing or simply disappearing. 

Measure correctly

Adding fresh cushions to your beloved outdoor space is an effective way to update your home’s style, but it’s imperative to find ones that fit your outdoor furniture. Stretch your existing cushions out tightly and measure from seam to seam, taking note of both the length and the depth.

Selecting the style

Flattering outdoor cushions in Perth tend typically come in two styles. A classic choice is thick base cushions that act as comfy additions to any outdoor chair, and are perfect for an outdoor lounge or dining set of table and chairs. 


Another option is scatter cushions, which are an incredibly versatile option for those looking to boost the style factor at home. This smaller design is just as comfortable, and can be easily moved between chairs, sofas, sun loungers, and picnic blankets. 

Accessorize to complete the style update

One great way to maximise the benefits of new outdoor cushions is to incorporate additional accessories when styling your outside space. From protective outdoor umbrellas and comfy, casual furniture, to stylish furniture covers, choose styles and colours that work with your beautiful new outdoor cushions, and relax in your new and improved patio or garden. 


When surrounded by cool planters, or a complimentary outdoor rug, you’ll be blown away by how easily you can introduce a chic new look to your home with quality outdoor cushions

Stunning outdoor cushions in Perth

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