6 Tips for cooking the best Aussie BBQ


Summer is coming up, and any true-blue Aussie who loves smoking their meat and grilling outdoors should follow these steps to cook the best BBQ.

Choose the right BBQ for you

Before you can get cooking this summer, you need to choose the right BBQ for you. Be aware of your space, do you require a small, lightweight and portable BBQ? Or would something larger fit better?

Consider next whether charcoal or gas would suit you better. They’re equally popular: charcoal for an intense smoky flavour, and gas for its ease and convenience.

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Heat the BBQ before cooking

Good things take time, so make sure you heat the BBQ sufficiently before you put any meat or veg on it. You’ll know it’s heated when the meat sizzles as it’s placed on.

Don’t cook cold meat

Cold meat is a BBQ’s sneakiest enemy because although it’s easy to grab a steak from the fridge just before it’s time to put it on the barbie, it’s not a wise idea. You’d be better off having room temperature meat because the warmer it is, the fewer chances you have of burning it before it cooks.

So, our tip? Make sure the meat’s been out for at least half an hour before you put it on the barbie.

Keep the juice in

It might sizzle, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Squashing the meat down with a spatula pushes the juices out – and when the juices run, so does the flavour. Instead of squashing or cutting your steak to check if it’s ready, press it lightly with tongs. Rare steak will be soft, medium will be firm, and well-done will be very firm.

That way, you’ll know when it’s time to take it off the barbie – and your meat will still be full of flavour!

Marinate ahead of time

For the ideal smoky, charcoal flavour, marinate your meat overnight – and make sure you drain the excess before you cook it.

Cook before beer!

Perfectly cooked, tender and flavourful meat is a must for barbeques, and it’s a lot easier to achieve when you haven’t had a few beers. Before you open a cold one, make sure you’re done with the barbie.

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