A Guide For Choosing An Outdoor Dining Setting


Creating a distinctive outdoor space at your home requires certain key elements. If you, like most West Australians, spend a lot of time in your backyard relaxing and entertaining, a beautiful outdoor dining setting is just the ticket to impress your friends, and make you never want to leave your house!

In order to create dreamy outdoor dining settings in Perth to rival your indoor interior decorating triumphs, it needs to be stylish as well as liveable. Choosing the right table and chairs means all those delicious BBQs, beers, and cocktails can be enjoyed year round in complete relaxation. It also means you no longer have to drag that table outside from the kitchen whenever you have company!


The key consideration to take into account when selecting outdoor dining settings in Perth is size. In order for you and any guests to be seated in comfort, your new table and chairs should fit on your patio or deck with ease, so no one is squeezing in, and feeling squashed! Make sure to take into account room for chairs to be moved around.

That said, one or two guests can easily turn into 20 when the sun is shining here in Perth! Don’t be afraid to maximise the space you have by choosing a larger table than you might if it was going indoors. Outdoor dining often means a BBQ or buffet style meal, so a large table is great for holding heaps of food and drinks. 


When figuring out the right style to match your existing decor, there are a few fundamental areas to consider. From a practical perspective, if you’re more inclined to hosting casual get togethers, a lower table works best. For a more formal setting to suit dinner parties, higher tables are a good choice. 

In spaces without a roof covering, consider whether you might like to add a patio umbrella, and if so be sure to choose a dining table that can hold one. Everyone has different personal taste, so don’t be afraid to select a colour and texture that you love, but works well with the surrounding environment. 


Selecting a suitable material for your new outdoor table and chairs is key for ensuring the setting is long-lasting, but also continues to look it’s best over the years. Wicker is a popular choice thanks to its natural feel and neutral tones, but with deterioration from rain it’s only recommended for covered outdoor areas. Premium metals such as aluminium are a durable option, whereas steel is likely to rust and then stain any cushions.

Whichever material and texture you opt for should then determine your choice in accessories. Outdoor cushions and seat covers are a brilliant and affordable way to add style and extra comfort to all outdoor dining settings Perth, and with their water and weather resistant materials they’re practical as well as attractive. 

Quality outdoor dining settings Perth

Finding the perfect outdoor table and chairs to complete your alfresco home space can be a transformative decision, opening your backyard to socialise and host as you please. Considering the look and feel of outdoor settings Perth is as important as durability and level of maintenance, because you will need to look at it every day!

Oasis Outdoor Living offers a range of outdoor dining settings to suit any requirements, as well as tastes. As experts in outdoor living, we only supply premium quality products to the people of Perth. For information on our range of outdoor furniture please get in touch today, or pop into our Nedlands and Midland stores to see them for yourself!

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