Benefits of Quality Outdoor Heater


Now, we hear a lot about the beautiful Perth weather, and how the Western Australian climate rivals some tropical islands. Those who have shivered through a West Coast Winter know this can feel far from the truth, with everyone retreating indoors to escape the sharp winds and cold temperatures.

It’s a shame to let your chic and comfortable outdoor space go to waste in the colder months, so why not invest in a premium electric heater? The benefits to your family and friends will transform your quality time, with comfortable outdoor living now possible regardless of the season. 

Add value to your outdoor space 

It’s all fun and games entertaining friends outdoors, until knitted blankets lose their magic and someone starts shivering! A backyard bonfire is often too much a risk, as most gardens are situated too close to the house for it to be safe.

The best way to create a cosy outdoor space that no one will want to leave is with an outdoor electric heater in Perth. With options available from secure mounted electric heaters, to strong and adaptable standing styles of heaters, our range of warmers has something for everyone’s style, and size, of outdoor spaces.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour

You’ve spent months perfecting your dream outdoor living space, complete with a top of the range outdoor kitchen and Weber BBQ, and now you’re stuck looking out at it from your sofa. Not good enough! A sturdy outdoor electric heating unit offers you the chance to make the most of the outdoors, and avoid the unhealthy trope of spending too much time indoors during winter.

Outdoor heaters, or patio heaters, are the perfect solution. Reliable outdoor electric heaters in Perth are safe to use, with smart designs extending the heated radius much farther than you might think. 

Reliable and versatile

All patios are not created equal, which is why we offer a range of electric heater designs and styles to fit outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Smaller areas will benefit from mounted ceramic, ceramic glass, or electric heater styles in Perth that are designed to fit seamlessly into an existing space. 

For those with a more expansive yard or deck you might be tempted to get a powerful, robust standing outdoor electric heater with a stone top. Designed primarily for outdoor commercial spaces, it can also work perfect for any enthusiastic home entertainers who want the ability to keep a crowd warm and cosy

Quality outdoor electric heaters in Perth

Here at Oasis Outdoor Living we have a passion for the outdoors, and our friendly team of alfresco experts are here to help in any way when designing your dream outdoor space. We love our Western Australian climate and helping our fellow Perth residents make the most of it year round, with our range of premium electric heaters.

With a range of secure mounted heaters, as well as enviable standing electric heater designs, we have something to suit everyone’s outdoor space and budget. For more information on our range of outdoor alfresco electric heaters, or to discover which classic Weber BBQ is meant for you, reach out today or call into our Nedlands or Midlands stores to see for yourself.

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