5 Reasons to Explain the Increase in Demand for Outdoor Kitchens


One of the greatest appeals of residing here in WA has to be the climate. The beautiful weather makes outdoor living a breeze, with beach trips and home BBQs a core part of our social calendars.

The immense enjoyment we get from spending time outside means it’s no wonder the inclusion of outdoor kitchens in new or existing builds is on the rise. Enjoying the fresh air while you eat and socialise naturally has great appeal, but there are more benefits to installing outdoor kitchens in Perth than just great food.

Complete convenience

Entertaining in the comfort of your own backyard can be a dream, but running in and out of the house to prepare food is not! Many homes don’t have open-plan designs, so maneuvering around the house with guests outside can be stressful.

As opposed to a stand-alone BBQ, alfresco kitchens Perth provide ultimate convenience for cooking. From food preparation and cooking, to serving and cleaning up, everything is on hand. 

Easy Clean-Up

Picture this: a big group of guests leave your home, content after a great feed, and they leave behind… Nothing. No mess, zero spills on the floor, and no food stains! 

Perth outdoor kitchens are fantastic for hosting friends or family in your backyard, without having to worry about the clean up after. Being able to wash and store dishes and utensils outside is a huge time saver, and takes the stress out of barbequing while keeping the inside of your house clean. 

Saves on bills 

The practical elements of installing alfresco kitchens in Perth are just as enticing as the tasty benefits that come with having a remarkable Weber BBQ in your backyard. Indoor cooking typically raises heat levels throughout the house, and with Perth’s humid climate this means turning up the air conditions, or getting those fans going.

When combined with the additional cooking appliances normally used in indoor kitchens, energy levels are raised, and utility bills go up. Cooking in an outdoor kitchen allows use of affordable fuel like wood and charcoal, and the fresh air keeps guests naturally cool. 

More living space 

Outdoor kitchens in Perth are incredibly versatile. While the heart of the cooking space is the BBQ, the addition of counter space for food and drink prep, outdoor sink, as well as storage and rubbish locations result in a fully functioning space. 

Add a refrigerator, dishwasher, or pizza oven, and you’ll never want to go back inside! Your backyard is transformed into a whole new area of the house to be used regularly, creating more living space without a costly house renovation!

A great investment

All of these benefits add up to a fantastic, long-term investment for your property. The addition of an outdoor kitchen to a Perth home can boost the sale price exponentially, while allowing it to stand out from similar houses on the market. 

Superior outdoor kitchens Perth

When it comes to supplying premium outdoor kitchens here in WA, no one does it better than Oasis Outdoor Living. As a certified supplier of internationally renowned Weber BBQs here in Perth, quality is part of everything we do. To learn more about our range of alfresco kitchens simply get in touch today, or call into our expansive stores in Nedlands and Midland.

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