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Stay warm on the cool nights with the EcoSmart Stix Fireplace

Product Overview

Stix is a clean burning interpretation of a classic campfire that is stylish enough to be used indoors and strong enough to withstand the elements outdoors.

Made of stainless steel and available in either brushed stainless steel or powder-coated black steel finishes, the Stix has an ethanol burner at its core that burns a bright orange flame without producing any smoke, soot, or ash. Stix gives you all the benefits of a fire without any of the mess anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

Campfire with a Twist – Contemporary stainless steel fire design that evokes the mood and magnetism of a traditional campfire.
Simply Situated – Fully portable with no need for a utility connection, effortlessly set up and easily repositioned, Stix’s bright flame will keep you captivated as well as comfortable for over 8 hours.
Design Versatility – Clever combination of stainless steel sticks secured around an efficient 2.5L ethanol burner.
No Fumes, No Smoke – The Stix concept still guards to the traditional warmth of fire, but without the mess. Powered by clean-burning, environmentally-friendly bioethanol.

Optional Accessories

Stix can be accessorised with an optional protective cover and Station Stool.

Colours Available: Stainless Steel & Black

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