Smoking Food – 10 Tips To Get You Started


If you have thought about buying trying out a wood smoker for a while, now is a perfect time. And, if you want to get serious about smoking, you’ll love the Weber range of Smokey Mountain Cookers.


There is nothing more mouth-watering than the smoky wood aromas of mixing with tender meat. Some people are a little intimidated by the art of smoking, but we’re here to put your mind at ease.


While there are few things to learn before you get started, you don’t have to be a BBQ expert in smoking to smoke your food. Here are a few tips to get you started. Try them out and let us know how you go.

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Fuel – wood chips or chunks

Smoking wood chips and chunks are available in various flavours like hickoryapplepecan, and mesquite. Wood chunks are a good choice if you’re using a conventional wood smoker, as they are denser and will last longer.


Temperature – low and slow

Good things take time! The best way to smoke is s-l-o-w-l-y using low, indirect heat with the addition of wood smoke.


Hydration – add a water pan

Inside your Weber Smoker, a porcelain enamelled water pan generates steam to keep the cooking temperature low and even. It’s standard to use water in the pan, although mixing water with apple cider vinegar or apple juice and herbs can add extra flavour.


Fuel supply – be conservative and don’t overdo your smoke

It’s common to think ‘more wood is better,’ but adding too much wood can make your meat taste bitter. Add a few chunks at a time. That way the smoke should gently flow out.


Smoke colour – white smoke is good

Streams of white smoke envelope your food with incredible aromas and smoky flavour. Poor ventilation, combustion, and burning juices and can lead to black, bitter-tasting smoke. This can affect the taste of your meat. Opening the vents will help you get better airflow and more complete combustion.


Monitor – stay close, and check regularly

Don’t leave the smoker unattended for long periods. Check regularly as you might need to add more wood or charcoal, or adjust the vents to keep. A good thermometer will help you monitor the temperature if you have to leave the smoker temporarily.


Airflow – check vents

Vents in Weber smokers are used to control airflow and temperature. Keeping the vents open helps create good combustion. Airflow keeps the smoke white.


Meat colour – dark is good

Your meat should have a dark, crunchy crust. This is called “bark.” It’s the result of fat, spices, and smoke forming a caramelized crust over the meat. Make sure your meat has a layer of bark before removing it from the smoker.


Lastly – keep the lid closed

As with a regular Weber BBQ, you lose heat and smoke, two crucial elements for great smoked flavour, each time you open the grill. Only open the lid when you need to tend to the fire or the food.


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