4 Mistakes to Avoid When you Buy Outdoor Furniture for the First Time


Finding the perfect outdoor furniture for your home is that finishing touch needed to make your house a home, and your garden an oasis! You’ve spent all this time moving into your new space, so it’s worth considering the right pieces to make it inviting and homey.

When choosing your first outdoor furniture in Perth for your garden, deck, or patio, it’s important to seek out the best pieces that can endure wear and tear from the weather, as well as be comfortable and complimentary to its surroundings. 


Here are four key mistakes to avoid when buying your first set of outdoor furniture.

1. Choosing cost over quality

While it may be tempting to grab that bargain outdoor table, don’t! Cheap furniture almost always ends in disaster, from peeling tables to collapsing chairs. Remember this is a long term investment, and one that won’t end up breaking and embarrassing you within a few weeks.

Seek out an outdoor furniture specialist in Perth who supplies quality pieces designed to go the distance, as opposed to flimsy, low-cost alternatives.

2. Not matching materials to your climate

One key facet of choosing the right outdoor furniture in Perth is figuring out which materials will work for the weather, as well as your home’s aesthetic. Chairs and tables made from premium wood or durable metal are better built to withstand harsh winds and intense sun, creating longer lasting designs as opposed to lightweight options like wicker.

Consider whether the furniture will be placed under cover or exposed to the elements, and choose materials appropriate to the typical climate in your area. 

3. Forgetting functionality

One aspect often forgotten by eager furniture shoppers is flooring. Whether you are looking to place seating on the lawn around a fire pit, or create a cosy set up on your back decking, it’s imperative to consider the legs of your furniture.

Thin legs on chairs and tables are likely to slip through gaps in decking, as well as sink into sandy soil. Choose functional furniture suitable for your outdoor environment, as impractical designs will only hinder the fun and relaxation you should be enjoying in your beautiful home.

4. Not working with an outdoor furniture specialist in Perth

While it can be tempting to pick up vintage furniture from a market, or grab that supermarket sale item, the long term pay off from choosing cost over quality will only come back to haunt you.

Working with experienced providers of premium outdoor furniture like Oasis Outdoor Living guarantees well-built pieces made from quality materials. As long term specialists in outdoor living, each piece of furniture is chosen for its durable design and suitability for the intense WA weather we experience year round, making each purchase a reliable investment. 

Choose premium quality outdoor furniture in Perth

Oasis Outdoor Living is a leading provider of quality outdoor products designed with excellence and longevity in mind. With a knowledgeable team on hand to advise and assist on the right choice for your home and budget, we’re proud to be the outdoor furniture specialist in Perth of choice for our many valued customers.

Contact us today with any queries, or browse our extensive collection of outdoor furniture online now.

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