5 Tips To Consider When Building Your Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are a sure-fire way to elevate your at-home entertaining area. Adding the right components into a covered outdoor space feels like adding actual square footage to your home, with the inclusion of well-placed shelter to create a space primed for year-round use.

Whether you’re working with limited interior space or are blessed with an expansive property, adding an outdoor kitchen creates a completely new room outside, complete with high functioning equipment and a fully equipped entertaining space.

If you love to cook for friends or family, or are simply keen to entertain at home, stunning and practical outdoor kitchens in Perth are a must have design addition. Read on to learn key tips and tricks to follow while designing your dream outdoor kitchen space. 

Determine the layout

A practical design is the key to any great kitchen, allowing for a functional space perfect for cooking and entertaining. Clarify the amount of space you have, and determine key ‘must have’ features to include.

Taking into account vital components such as storage, cleaning, and prep space, figure out the best layout ahead of time to ensure a seamless design, where everything fits!

Plan to perfection

Before jumping in feet first and purchasing the first outdoor kitchen you see, spend time planning each section to best invest in the right pieces of quality equipment. There’s no point installing something you may not use, so clarify what you would use outdoor kitchens in Perth for most, and how to best utilise the space. Whether you simply want to cook outdoors, or entertain crowds of guests will help determine the best plan for your home. 

Take location into account

No, not the location of your home. The positioning of your new outdoor kitchen! If it’s placed right by your indoor kitchen it might be worth building a serving window to easily move items inside/outside. 

Don’t forget to check electricity and plumbing also needs to be considered, so get approval from experts before settling on the exact location. 

Outdoor alfresco kitchens in Perth work best with ample light, so take that into account while curating the amount of shade it will get to find the right balance. 

Choose the right kitchen design for your needs

What will you use your beautiful new alfresco kitchen in Perth for the most? Clarifying whether it’s for a casual family space, kitchen extension with a BBQ, or an outdoor entertaining location for a variety of guests will seriously aid in narrowing down key requirements, as well as prevent costly changes being needed down the line.

Opt for quality materials

Without a doubt, choosing premium materials is the only way to smartly invest money in a quality outdoor kitchen. Even if your outside space has ample coverage, the intense sun and heavy winds here in WA will impact your outdoor kitchen in some way or another, making it essential they’re built from top-quality, durable materials. 

Premium outdoor kitchens in Perth

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Contact us today for any queries about our alfresco kitchens in Perth, or to browse our extensive range online now.

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