Buying Guides for Outdoor Dining Tables


With such a pleasant climate here in WA, it’s no wonder our backyard spaces get so much use. Living in this temperate part of the world is ideal for outdoor living, which in many households means the outside dining spaces get much more use than more traditional indoor rooms. 

Finding suitable outdoor dining tables in Perth is key to a cohesive exterior, whether you love to entertain groups of friends, or simply cook a meal for your immediate family. There are many important elements to consider – from making sure it fits well, to choosing the perfect style for your home decor – so read on to learn all about how to find your dream outdoor dining table. 

What to consider for new outdoor dining tables in Perth

Any new piece of quality furniture can rightly be thought of as an investment, chosen to work for you and your families needs for the foreseeable future. Finding outdoor tables in Perth is no different, with multiple factors to consider before determining what will work best for your desired functionality, available space, and of course, withstand the elements. 

Outdoor space

Successful outdoor furniture should enhance and compliment your space, not encroach or impact on its overall functionality. Measuring your available space is therefore the first step to finding a new outdoor dining table, so you can know for certain that this beautiful white ceramic table will fit in seamlessly along with chairs.


Once you have determined the available space and ideal layout, it is time to consider the best table shape for your needs. The size constraints of your garden or patio will likely help narrow down the options; cosier spaces can benefit from round outdoor tables in Perth like the Avignon style, whereas large families with a more spacious outdoor setting tend to require a long rectangular shapes with extensions, like the Memphis ceramic table in charcoal.


Moving on from the more practical and functional considerations, considering the best style table to work with your existing home decor is the most satisfying part of choosing a new outdoor dining table. With such a wide range of looks, materials, and finishes to choose from, there is a quality design available for all tastes; from the clean white Linfield style, to the chic dark charcoal of the long Armada table


Think about the surrounding colour scheme and use of materials in the space, and choose a table that is complementary and harmonious to the aesthetic.

Table size

Depending on both your existing space and specific requirements for use, choosing the ideal table size should work for your personal needs. No one wants to cram a large table into a cosy space, as it makes it difficult for guests to move around and get comfortable, and a tiny table in a vast area looks unbalanced.


Consider outdoor dining tables in Perth that are proportionate to your outdoor space, taking colour, shape, and style into consideration in the process. 

Lasting quality with Oasis Outdoor Living 

When it comes to stylishly designed, well built furniture, no one has the range and quality offered by Oasis Outdoor Living. As long-standing leading providers of premium outdoor products at competitive prices, our extensive range of outdoor tables in Perth has something for everyone. 

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