Do I Need A Special Fridge For Outdoors?


One of life’s ultimate pleasures is having a cold drink outside on a hot day. Imagine being able to chill with friends and family when the sun is blazing, the BBQ is on, and your chair is parked right beside a handy fridge keeping those beers cold. There’s nothing better! 


So, are outdoor fridges in Perth worth it? Learn all about the benefits of outside refrigeration, from reduced energy bills to creating a fantastic entertainment space the whole family will love!


Indoor vs outdoor fridges in Perth

Investing in an outdoor fridge is a great idea, particularly if you love the idea of an outdoor kitchen and have the space to make it happen. But why can’t you just drag your kitchen fridge outside?


All fridges are made to keep whatever’s inside cold. However, indoor fridges are created to operate within the stable temperatures and safe environment of a home. All it needs to do is keep its fan going and all your beers will stay cool.


Outdoor single-door fridges in Perth, as well as double-door options, have added functionalities to indoor fridges. As well as being able to deal with hot and humid summer days, it prevents rust from forming during rain and keeps everything cool regardless of the climate. 


Benefits of a quality outdoor fridge

Refrigeration is an important element of any outdoor kitchen, especially in the hot Perth climate. But whether you have an existing outdoor kitchen space or you’re planning on expanding your alfresco entertaining area, outdoor double-door fridges in Perth can deliver many advantages

Accessible entertainment

From cooking up a feed for the extended family to having mates over for a BBQ and beers, outdoor fridges make socialising at home easier than ever – without guests running inside and outside to get refreshments.

Easier cooking 

Cooking and sharing a meal outside in the fresh is incredibly fun and relaxing. Make your life easier with an outdoor fridge, and have everything you need to use your outdoor kitchen right there next to you. This also means there’s no mess to take care of inside afterward!

Cold drinks to hand

Coming home to a cold beer after a hard day’s work is often all you need to relax. Access to cool drinks outside eliminates the need to continuously traipse in and out to get something, allowing you to unwind and savour that hard-earned drink.


Key considerations when choosing a fridge for outdoors

Make sure you invest in quality outdoor single-door fridges in Perth, and take the following considerations into account:


  • Choose a fridge designed for outdoor installation in your climate
  • Make sure it’s well insulated, ideally with double glazing
  • Ensure you have a shady, protected spot to place it in 
  • Consider investing in auto defrost with a self-evaporating drip tray

Choose superior outdoor fridges in Perth

Oasis Outdoor Living is a leading supplier of all things outdoors, and we love a premium outdoor fridge! Stop your home smelling of smoke and create a convenient outdoor setup for cooking and entertaining; choose between the Chill’d Out single-door fridges, and Chill’d Out outdoor double-door fridges in Perth.

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