Choosing the Right Location: Factors to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen


Dreaming of dishing up dinners under the stars? An outdoor kitchen can transform your home entertaining, blending the comfort of your indoor space with the beauty of the outdoors. In Perth, where the climate invites alfresco living nearly year-round, setting up an outdoor kitchen means embracing functionality, style and the unique charm of outdoor dining. But before you start picking out appliances and décor, selecting the right location is crucial. To help guide you through the process, here’s what you should consider to ensure your outdoor kitchen not only fits your lifestyle but also enhances it. 

Proximity to Your Indoor Kitchen

For starters, when planning an outdoor kitchen, proximity to the indoor kitchen should be a top priority. This strategic placement makes it easier to carry ingredients, dishes and utensils back and forth. Consider a layout that allows for efficient movement and functionality, making your outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable. 

Weather Considerations

Though Perth’s weather is generally favourable, it can vary. So, when planning your outdoor kitchen, think about its exposure to the elements. In other words, choose a location that offers some natural protection from excessive sun and strong winds. This could be achieved either through strategic positioning or landscaping. It’s also important to consider the direction of prevailing winds to ensure that smoke from the grill does not become a nuisance. By taking these factors into account, you can create your alfresco kitchen that is comfortable and usable throughout the year.

Utility Access

Your outdoor kitchen will need access to electricity, water and possibly gas. Choosing a location that simplifies connection to these utilities can significantly reduce installation costs and complexity. Here, it’s worth consulting with professionals early in the planning process to understand the implications of utility access on your site selection. 


Privacy is another important factor. Your outdoor kitchen should be a retreat, not a stage for neighbours. Consider the sightlines from neighbouring properties and look for ways to enhance privacy through landscaping, privacy screens or positioning your kitchen in a less visible area of your garden. 

Entertainment and Dining Flow

Next, consider how you plan to use the space. If entertainment is a key function, positioning your outdoor kitchen near your dining and lounging areas makes sense. This setup encourages a natural flow between cooking and socialising, keeping the chef part of the action! 

Lighting and Ambience

Consider the natural light your chosen spot receives and how you might need to supplement this with artificial lighting. A well-lit kitchen not only ensures safety when cooking after dusk but also contributes to the overall ambience of your outdoor entertaining area. 

View and Orientation

The view from your outdoor kitchen can significantly enhance the dining experience. Choose a location that offers a pleasing outlook, whether it’s a landscaped garden, a pool or a natural vista. Orientation is also crucial – a kitchen facing away from the late-afternoon sun offers a more comfortable cooking and dining environment in Perth’s warmer months. 

Choosing The Perfect Spot for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Perth

Ultimately, selecting the perfect spot for your outdoor kitchen involves balancing practical considerations with the pursuit of creating a delightful alfresco space. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure your outdoor kitchen becomes a cherished part of your home, blending seamlessly with your lifestyle and the natural beauty of the region. Either way, remember – an outdoor kitchen in Perth that’s planned with care can offer a rewarding extension to your living space that combines functionality with the joy of outdoor dining. 

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