Find The Best BBQ Smoker for Your Backyard


With a unique smokiness that adds incomparable flavour, more and more home BBQ kings and queens are opting for a smoker instead of a regular grill. As lucky recipients of the (almost) year-round good weather here in WA, we have the perfect climate to set up a smoker and let time work its magic, be it winter or summer.


This past year has provided us with ample time at home, the upside of which has been developing passions and perfecting our craft. The craft of BBQ of course! Don’t let winter curb your outdoor cooking; read on to find the perfect Weber smokers Perth BBQ to transform your food into a delicious, flavourful feast.

Benefits of a quality BBQ Smoker

The core benefit of choosing a smoker over a traditional grill BBQ is its ability to create robust flavours over time in low heat, through burning certain woods. Regular BBQs can’t match the added taste and texture provided by a long session in a premium smoker, especially when it comes to cooking large pieces of meat.


Regardless of which smoker you choose, it enables you to try out different wood types to find your preferred flavour profile. Maybe you’ll become a fan of oakwood or cherry wood flavours, or perhaps pellets of mesquite wood will be more to your liking. The choice is yours!

What’s the best smoker for me?

Depending on what, and how, you are cooking, there are variations of smokers that create different results. An offset smoker is a popular, although labour intensive, choice with two separate parts; a cooking chamber and a firebox. The flavoured smoke travels across the food and out the smokestack, with delicious results. This approach requires some skill and ongoing attention, so they’re not for everyone.


Charcoal variations are a hugely popular and easily accessible option, with heat stemming from the charcoal with the inclusion of wood chips for additional flavour. Electric, gas, and pellet variations are great for inexperienced smokers, with a monitored heat source taking the effort out of the BBQ smoking process.

Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weber smokers Perth are available in a wide variety of options, with variations of premium BBQ smokers suitable for novice BBQ cooks and grill masters alike. One of the most popular products on the market right now is the Smokey Mountain Cooker; a standout choice thanks to its compatibility, ease of use, and affordability compared to other smokers.


Known for meeting professional standards of smoking, it comes in 3 sizes to suit all shapes and sizes of backyards. This portable smoker has a thermometer built into the hood, and the inbuilt porcelain water pan keeps the meat moist during the extended cooking period. The infused smokiness adds another layer of flavour that will blow your socks off!

Weber smokers Perth

With Australia becoming synonymous with outdoor BBQs, it’s only fitting that the team at Oasis Outdoor Living are focused on finding the world’s best barbecues and smokers for our fellow Perth residents.


Weber smokers Perth are undeniably one of the world’s most popular BBQ smokers, with the Smokey Mountain Cooker a best seller with rave reviews. For more information on our range of smokers, as well as other premium Weber BBQ products, get in touch today

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