From Summer Barbecues to Winter Gatherings: Outdoor Dining Tables for All Seasons


Outdoor dining is a cherished Aussie tradition – regardless of the season. Whether it’s sizzling summer barbecues or cosy winter gatherings around a fire pit, having the right outdoor dining furniture can transform your space into a year-round haven. 


Read on to explore four distinct styles of outdoor tables in Perth that seamlessly adapt to our changing seasons, along with plenty of inspiration for the perfect quality outdoor table for your backyard.

Bistro Sets: Cozy Comfort in Compact Spaces

Bistro sets are the epitome of intimate outdoor dining. Perfect for smaller balconies, patios, or garden corners, these sets will make perfect use of your space. Crafted from durable materials such as iron and aluminium, bistro sets come in various styles to cater to your taste.


During the summer months bistro sets can be dressed up with vibrant cushions and tablecloths to suit your home’s style. When winter arrives, relocating your bistro-style outdoor dining table in Perth to a more sheltered area and adding warm blankets will transform your outdoor space into a snug retreat. 

Bar Furniture: Elevated outdoor tables in Perth

For those who seek to uplift their outdoor dining experience, bar furniture is the answer. Outdoor bar tables and stools are sophisticated and social, making them ideal for hosting parties or having a casual beer with your mates.


During the summer bar tables will become the focal point of your outdoor entertaining area, and adding a stylish umbrella provides shade on hot days. In the winter, having a heat source beside your bar table creates a warm and welcoming ambience

Classic Outdoor Dining Sets: Timeless Materials for All Seasons

Well-made outdoor dining sets are the foundation for family gatherings and neighbourhood get-togethers. In sunnier months, classic outdoor dining sets can be used every evening for your family barbeques, and paired with colourful cushions for a stylish touch.


Outdoor tables in Perth made from classic materials like teak are designed to withstand tough Winter climates. Complementing your setup with outdoor rugs and patio heaters will create a comfortable outdoor dining experience even on the chilliest of nights.

Minimalist Chic: Sleek and Modern Year-Round Dining

For those who appreciate simplicity and sleek aesthetics, modern minimalist tables are the way to go. Simple tables with clean lines are ideal for the Summer, especially when complemented with minimalist tableware and vibrant accents for a contemporary look. 


The neutral colours and adaptable nature of minimalist outdoor tables provide a perfect backdrop for cosy, seasonal accessories and decorations during the colder months.

Perfect outdoor dining tables in Perth for All Seasons 

No matter the weather, outdoor dining tables will enhance your alfresco area. If you’re in Perth and on the lookout for high-quality outdoor dining tables and sets that can endure all seasons, Oasis Outdoor Living has a range of designs to suit every taste.


The extensive collection includes bistro sets, bar tables and chairs, quality outdoor dining sets, and contemporary options, all designed to elevate your outdoor dining experience. 

Take a look at our collection online now, or visit our showroom today and let us assist you in transforming your outdoor space into a year-round oasis of comfort and style.