Furniture Ideas for Small Outdoor Areas


Smaller outdoor spaces don’t have to limit your creativity, with plenty of fantastic ways to transform it into a cosy and enticing retreat. Whether you have a balcony, tiny patio, or a compact backyard, thoughtfully chosen furniture choices can uplift the space without overcrowding it.


From folding chairs to elegant dining tables for two, here’s a complete guide to helping you make the most of those cosier outdoor areas – as well as the best place for quality outdoor furniture in Perth

Customise Your Seating Options

The key to designing a comfortable outdoor space, that you never want to leave, is suitable seating. As well as being inviting and styled to your preferences, it’s important to choose seating that fits well within your space, while providing optimum seating options to guests. 


Consider space-saving options like petite armchairs, small two-seater sofas, reclining chairs, or even a hammock! Alternatives like foldable chairs or stackable stools are amazing for extra seats when needed, without taking up unnecessary space. 

Create a Space for Eating

While we all want a beautiful aesthetic and chic outdoor space, whether that’s a patio or a little terrace, it also must be designed practically to ensure maximum functionality. One great way to do this is integrating quality outdoor settings in Perth for dining into the space, allowing you to entertain guests or relax over a quiet alfresco meal at home. 


Two-seater dining sets are ideal for smaller outdoor areas, especially rounded tables that are easier to fit in. Consider using folding chairs if you don’t have much room, or those with particularly limited room could buy a footstool or petit storage bench to act as a convenient table when enjoying a drink or a snack outside. 

Devote Space for Your Favourite Activities

Tailor your outdoor space to suit your lifestyle and needs, by incorporating your favourite hobbies and activities into the space. If you love gardening, use hanging pots and plant stands to fill the alfresco area with greenery and flowers, or have a yoga mat carefully tucked in a corner for those early morning stretches. 


Invest in a foldable drying rack so you can optimise the space for chores while keeping the space flexible so you can use it in a variety of ways throughout the week. Quality outdoor furniture in Perth should be used to enhance your alfresco area, not inhibit it, adding workspace for projects or storage space for hobby materials. 

Get Organised with Outdoor Storage Options

Incorporate furniture pieces that serve dual purposes, by offering both seating and storage! Nothing works better than a storage bench in smaller areas, as it not only provides additional seating but can also act as a side table. 


Choose quality outdoor storage solutions to keep cushions, blankets, gardening tools, and more neatly tucked away. Taller storage units help make the most of vertical space, while hooks, shelving units, and cabinets are invaluable for keeping your outdoor space organised. 

Create a Haven with Quality Outdoor Furniture in Perth

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