Top Portable Charcoal BBQs for Your Next Camping Trip


Heading out for a camping trip in Australia’s great outdoors? The experience gets even better with the right gear. Whether you’re setting up camp in the forests or by the coast, picking a good portable charcoal BBQ is crucial. That’s why today’s guide highlights the top Weber portable grills. They are celebrated for their ease of transport, cooking efficiency and the exceptional smoky flavours they infuse into every barbeque meal, and they’re available right here in Perth!

Top Weber Portable Charcoal BBQ’s

#1. Smokey Joe BBQ

The Smokey Joe BBQ is a compact powerhouse, embodying the essence of the iconic Weber kettle barbecue in a portable size. Designed for adventurers, party-goers or those new to the world of charcoal barbecuing, it’s the perfect pick for small groups, offering nearly 1000 cm² of cooking space. 

Whether you’re entertaining friends or enjoying a quiet meal outdoors, the Smokey Joe combines convenience with the classic Weber performance. Its rust-resistant aluminium dampers and plated steel cooking grill ensure durability, while the lid handle makes it easy to transport and enjoy delicious BBQ flavours anywhere.

#2. Go Anywhere BBQ

The Go-Anywhere BBQ is your hibachi-style culinary companion for the road, making no compromise on the quality of your grilled steaks or satays. Its portability is unmatched, thanks to the Tuck-n-Carry lid lock and durable plated steel legs, ensuring that your taste of home is never far away. 

Furthermore, the glass-reinforced nylon handles withstand the heat and the elements, making this grill a steadfast choice for adventurers seeking the perfect char on their meals, wherever their journeys may lead them.

#3. 93cm Ranch Kettle Black

The 93cm Ranch Kettle Black is the centerpiece of any large gathering, offering an impressive capacity for those who love to entertain. Imagine a backyard bustling with friends, the air fragrant with smoked delicacies – this kettle makes it all possible. 

With its removable porcelain-enamelled ash catcher, maintenance is a breeze. The durable all-weather wheels and glass-reinforced nylon handles mean this BBQ is as sturdy as it is spacious, ready to make your next party unforgettable.

#4. 70th Anniversary Kettle

Celebrating seven decades of grilling history, the 70th Anniversary Kettle is a tribute to Weber’s legacy, blending nostalgia with modern functionality. The ‘Diner Green’ exterior and utility tray nod to the ’50s, while the hood ornament-themed lid thermometer and white-walled wheels add a touch of retro charm. 

And if that’s not enough, the wood-like nylon handles hark back to designs of the ’80s and ’90s, making this limited edition kettle a collectible that offers a timeless barbecuing experience. Additionally, each kettle comes with a unique retro-themed metal sign and bottle opener, celebrating the era that started it all.

#5. Jumbo Joe Black

The Jumbo Joe Charcoal BBQ elevates portable grilling to new heights. Its 47cm cooking area is spacious enough to roast a whole chicken or leg of lamb, making it ideal for larger meals on the go. With features like the lid handle’s heat shield and the Tuck-n-Carry Lid Lock, it combines convenience with charcoal grilling and barbecuing. 

In addition, the removable aluminium ash catcher ensures clean-up is as simple as the set-up, making the Jumbo Joe a favourite for families and groups seeking the authentic Weber grilling experience anywhere they go.

Elevate Your Camping Cuisine with Oasis Outdoor Living

Choosing the right portable charcoal BBQ can transform your camping meals from simple to spectacular. Weber’s range of charcoal BBQs, which are particularly popular in Perth, offers options for every type of camper, from the lightweight Go-Anywhere Grill to the more substantial Original Kettle Premium. By focusing on portability, efficiency and quality, you can enjoy delicious, smoky-flavoured meals wherever your adventures take you. 

Before your next trip, explore our range of Weber charcoal BBQs in Perth. With the right model, you’ll not only elevate your camping cuisine but also create memorable outdoor dining experiences that complement the beauty of Australia’s landscapes. Happy grilling, and here’s to many tasty adventures ahead!

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