What are the factors to consider when buying outdoor furniture?


The right outdoor furniture can add an entire extra room to your home. While we all love a great patio or a beautiful backyard, without quality furniture it lacks the comfort and inviting nature of cosy indoor spaces.

Living with such amazing weather here in WA gives us a unique opportunity to spend just as much time outdoors as we do inside. This makes appealing outdoor furniture in Perth a fantastic long-term investment; one that everyone from young children to older relatives will appreciate. 

Discover key tips for finding the right outdoor furniture for your needs, and creating your dream alfresco entertainment and dining space.


Tips for buying quality outdoor furniture in Perth

Careful planning can go a long way. When it comes to purchasing furniture the goal is always to select timeless-yet-practical pieces that can go the distance without going out of style. Finding a reputable supplier of quality outdoor dining tables in Perth is essential, but it’s important to clarify your requirements before making a purchase. 

What are your needs?

The first step to buying outdoor furniture is answering a few key questions. How do you want your exterior space to function? Who will largely be using the space (young children or adult friends)? Is it primarily a cosy reading nook or for hosting dinner parties?


Considering these important questions about usage and functionality will help narrow down the best set of outdoor lounges in Perth for your home. 

What works for the space?

Your choice of premium outdoor furniture in Perth should fit comfortably into the available space, so compare measurements of your patio or deck and the chosen furniture. Consider whether the height of couches and chairs are suitable for all family members and if the outdoor table is big enough to seat everyone without feeling overcrowded. 


If you’re looking for a more casual and comfortable space, why not forgo a dining table for cosy chairs, an outdoor fire pit, and a few side tables? 

Is it comfortable, and easy to clean?

While it can be easy to become sidetracked by colours, fabrics, and coordinating styles to your existing interiors, quality outdoor lounges in Perth should deliver both aesthetic properties and practical benefits


Always test the comfort of sofas and patio chairs before buying, and consider whether the materials are suitable for outdoor use (and messy children and/or pets!). Remember outdoor fabrics should be weather-proof, fade-resistant, and prevent mildew or mould growth. 

Invest in a long-lasting outdoor dining table in Perth

Deciding to buy quality furniture made from premium materials is truly a long-term investment. Cheaper options tend to be made from plastic, resin, or untreated wood which all age quickly after a little time in the sun. 


Reputable supplies like Oasis Outdoor Living prioritise dependable, well-made pieces, with a wide range of colours, materials, sizes, and shapes to suit any requirements or budgets


Stunning outdoor lounges in Perth from Oasis Outdoor Living

As renowned alfresco furniture specialists, Oasis Outdoor Living has built a reputation since 1990 on stylish-yet-comfortable pieces designed to withstand the intense Perth weather and regular use.

Browse the vast range of superior outdoor furniture online now, or get in touch with a friendly team member today with any queries. 

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