Why You Should Use Outdoor Furniture Covers To Protect Your Favourite Pieces


Completing your outdoor space with the right outdoor furniture is incredibly satisfying. Beautiful aesthetic appeal brings style and personality to your patio or yard, and the practical benefits of quality furniture are bountiful.

However, finding your perfect outdoor seats now means they need to be protected. Durable furniture covers make sure your appealing investment goes the distance, lasting you for years to come. Learn more about what to look for in reliable outdoor furniture covers in Perth, and the benefit of finding the perfect fit.

Advantages of an outdoor furniture cover

Whether you love your existing outdoor furniture or have recently purchased stunning new pieces, added protection is needed to give them a long lifespan. Unless you make sure dirt, damage, and general wear and tear doesn’t destroy your much-loved belongings, outdoor furniture can easily succumb to the elements and need replacing. 

The intense WA weather can take a toll on even the best-made pieces, but an extra layer of protection can prolong their lifespan and prevent the harsh sun and intense Perth winds from damaging your furniture’s usability.

Selecting the best fit for your needs

Certain qualities make premium outdoor furniture covers in Perth a cut above the rest. If you’re going to look after your furniture when it’s outside, invest in reliable designs that are not only attractive but well-made.

Water resistant

One of the main reasons you need an added layer of protection on your outdoor furniture is to prevent water damage. Water resistant outer covers are made from durable materials designed to repel water, and keep light drizzles to torrential downpours from harming your outdoor set-up.


Being able to keep your furniture outside year-round is only possible with durable covers, capable of withstanding extensive exposure to heat, sun, and stains. While water resistance is key to preventing mould or mildew from setting in, causing odour and stains, quality outdoor furniture covers are fade-resistant and will not dull from UV rays.

Easy to clean 

If you’re an astute buyer who decides to invest in their exterior furniture, you’ll likely consider how important it is to cover them in fabric and designs that’s easy to clean. While quality furniture covers offer powerful protection from mould and stains, regular use will result in some dirt particles collecting on top. Occasional spot-cleaning can be required to maintain their fresh, hygienic appearance, but quality products will only need a simple wipe or rinse, with a quick dry in direct sunlight. Easy!

The best outdoor furniture covers in Perth

While there are many options to choose from when purchasing an outdoor furniture cover, it’s worthwhile finding a superior design that will fit properly, and effectively guard your furniture from deterioration. 

Quality products from alfresco home specialists like Oasis Outdoor Living are created to closely fit and protect your outside furniture, with easy-to-remove openings to make your life that much easier. 

Dependable quality with Oasis Outdoor Living

Extensive experience in outdoor living products and accessories has cemented the status of Oasis Outdoor Living as the go-to providers of reliable, premium furniture and covers, BBQs, kitchens and much more.

Contact us today for any queries about an outdoor furniture cover, or visit a store near you to  choose the perfect fit in person.

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