Why an EcoSmart Fire is Perfect for Your Backyard


As summer nights begin to cool down and autumn creeps closer, parties and gatherings head indoors. But did you know you can still enjoy long evenings outside with the help of an Oasis Living EcoSmart fire?


Depending on the design, outdoor fires can be made from metal, stone, concrete, brick, glass, or copper. They vary in size and shape, as well as the amount of heat they radiate. Some fire pits can be installed into the ground surrounded by built-in seating.


Don’t let the colder months get you down this year. We all spent far too much time inside in 2020!


Read on to see why an EcoSmart fire is the perfect choice for your backyard this winter.


They keep the parties going

An EcoSmart fire will help create a warm and cosy environment in your outdoor living space. Our fires can produce significant heat, usually more than enough to keep you and your guests comfortably warm. 


They provide lighting

While many people use a fire pit for cooking and warmth, our range of fires perfectly illuminates and accentuates the beauty of your patio or outdoor living area. Once lit, it will brighten your patio, even on the darkest nights.


They create ambience

Our EcoSmart fires create an intimate ambience in your outdoor area. With a range of moderncontemporary styles available, find one that matches your home’s look and feel, then relax and enjoy the ambience. Studies have shown that fires reduce stress and anxiety. Fuelled by environmentally friendly bioethanol, the fully integrated, multifunctional design of our fires means you can enjoy the ambience and tranquillity of a fire without the embers, ash, and soot of burning natural wood.


They become a focal point

Rather than randomly arranging your chairs and seating, put them so they face the fire pit, creating a circle of intimacy.


EcoSmart fires: clean-burning and sustainable

When fuelled by e-NRG Bioethanol, EcoSmart Fires are the single, most eco-friendly fires available today. With no smoke, soot, or ash, your clean-burning, bioethanol fire can even be used indoors!


Why choose Oasis Outdoor Living for your outdoor fire in Perth?

Oasis Outdoor Living is a Western Australian family-owned and operated company that has been serving since 1990. We are passionate about matching the right product to the right person, so please contact us if you have any questions.


If you are interested in purchasing a firepit, give us a call. We love seeing our customers enjoying your Weber BBQs and firepits in Perth, so if you are on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #oasisoutdoorlivingau and follow us.

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