Weber Baby Q Perth


Weber Baby Q Perth

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Shop at Oasis Outdoor Living today for the latest in the Weber Baby Q range. With portable and lightweight options, it’s a range that’s perfect for everyone, from the outdoor entertainer to the travel enthusiast. Made from high-quality premium materials and accompanied by a 5-year warranty, it’ll be more than a BBQ: it’ll be a perfect cooking companion.


The Weber Baby Q range was designed with efficiency in mind. One 9kg bottle of LPG will allow you to cook over 100 BBQ recipes – and best of all, setting up is quick and easy, so you’ll be able to get to cooking in no time.

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The Weber Baby Q range is loved for its versatility, but that extends past its ability to be moved from location to location. It’s perfect for a variety of families, from meat-lovers to vegetarians. While it is often praised for its excellence in cooking steaks, chicken and fish, it is also perfect for roasting vegetables and vegetarian meat. The non-stick cast iron grills ensure a perfect finish – no need to worry about things burning or sticking!

Our tips for a perfect BBQ

Before you jump in straight in, here are a few tips on how to make sure that your BBQ is the best that it can be.

Cook with the lid closed

Whether you’re cooking a roast, a veggie skewer or an evening barbeque, make sure that you cook with the lid closed. Keeping it closed with keep the air inside the barbeque, making your cooking juicier. Keeping it closed will also give it that mouth-watering smokey barbeque flavor – isn’t that what we all want from a BBQ?

Cooking with the lid closed is also significantly more economical than cooking on an open barbeque. Cooking your meal takes about half of the time on a closed barbeque than it would’ve with an open lid, meaning you’ll eat sooner, and spend less gas on cooking your food.

Don’t turn the meat often

They might turn the food often on MasterChef, but that shouldn’t extend to your BBQ. When you let the ‘convection process’ do its work, you’ll have juicier, smokier results – so turn the meat only once, halfway through the process, and keep the lid closed the remainder of the time.

Another tip: if it’s a roast, it doesn’t need turning at all.

BBQ with Weber today

We all love a good BBQ, but to do it right, you need the right equipment. That’s where we can help out – we’re a Western Australian family-owned and operated company, which has been helping people since 1990. We specialise in helping our customers outfit their entertaining areas with top quality products, and we have a soft spot reserved for Weber products.

We love their versatility, efficiency and premium quality – so if you’re looking for a Weber BBQ to grill that steak on, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to get your BBQ on, shop online or visit us in-store in Midland or Nedlands.

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